Coronavirus cauzeaza necazuri cum am spus ca am clonat blogul totul mi se pare nu ok dar momentele romaniei sunt din ce in ce mai rele.Stii ce de coronavirus nici nu imi pasa decat de vechiul blog avand in vedere toate categoriile intime in carantina am situat sa gasesc loc unde sa postez unde sa iau masuri sa evit o miscare lenta.N-am de ales sunt avertizat si prefer sa scriu pe blog tot ce real faptul ca sunt frustrat de momente trecute.Acum nu pot sa dau timpul inapoi las rafael blogger siteul 2 sa execute conexiunea.

Involved as a server administrator for Rafael Clash Servers with an user as a creator for an cr net dotnetsdk a fight on discord Incredible with me and we acusse few members like nameless from ultrapowa and tryso since they have conflicts to me in 2018 or 2017 because my COC MODS 7.200 are too unexplaible the reason.But no any let me go from all problems anyway we try also to make an node.js server thanks for all support and adding an Cor EVENT FOR THR 30K SUBSCRIBERS.

The tour on windows NT 5.0 Has started after i stopped all equestria tribute calls from 2019 the good news is i stopped all things so now i research and cracking rogues and reflects ransomwares that are dangers from encrypt clashland files.Now trying other windows OS and improve the life and playground :) Incredible , tryso ?? Brute retroroyale error fix..Greetings for cor server and angry birds are HUZA MODZ And ClickGaster i never forgot about rogueware serj960.

What Happened to the Clash Of Rafael Server.Due to lack of unhandled commands MongoDB could save the problems and refresh the mods a little bit but for rafael esqruevel he writted an sign with his builder hut mod whitch so all his mods are saved in the same clashland republic version.So clashofrafael website refure to overload inside the COR APK because the csv says 404 found a lot of errors so we try to deal with more bugs and stress also added new commands anyway.Thanks for all suport HUZAMODZ Antz and METEHUN Innovagest used my cor website to warn me for false positivez when armyofzeus have his own accusation for exaggered publish of mods on youtube.

VirusProtectPro in capcana mea de al activa pe rogueware si intro zi de scoala foarte nu chiar dura cand "Un sexy twerk in costum de baie e lansat de snor the pirate" asa a fost e replica scoasa in timpul ce ma jucam iar angry birds epic iar apoi Nita si prietena ei varsa din gresala energizant pe unul din jurnalele lui Jessie iar eu am zis va multumesc cei care v-a fost dor de mine asteptam sa ii pup pe toti cei care nu i-am vazut yaay angry birds si grija ce fac dar de ce am probleme intime care nu mi se indeplinesc eu am dat hack la jocul frustrant gutterball pana atunci ma concetrez

Dupa 2020 altii se uita la Rafael blogger dar pana atunci tot eu activez tot feluri de rogueware si dintre ollydbg si roguewareul atasat.Rafael esqruevel unul din youtuberii admiratorii "Cand un Ariana dans la bara in costumul ei de inot viziteaza Caracal" unul din replicile scoase in timpul unui crack la Total Protect 2009 la 12 Noaptea ce rost dar avem o discutie nervoasa pe un site la intamplare "Nu judeci tu pozele sau dorintele mele am intimiditatea mea si dorintele mele intimie si actele ,iesi afara dobitocule , nesimtitule" Toate cuvintele la un singur nesuferit.Cum sta oricarui adolescent cool la Clash Royale cand am auzit ca nu o sa existe egalitate si turnurile iau viata si trupele se auto distrug primul gest era sa ma duc afara de Revelion afara la artificii si sa strig din toti Plamanii "Eu Rafael Master 5000 TROFEE" ,"yEEY 5000 de trofee cupa de maestru sa curga sucul schweppes" Eu mi am aratat bucuria ca clash royale a facut o balanta mai tare decat wall breaker si healeri.Stiu si de filologie si ursii de la predeal langa hotel.2020 Fericit mai postez daca e nevoie

Fakesmoke junk text but for an working activation this rogue is so hard to describe his title name and execuable by fake security center

An clone of Windows Defence released an full version functionallity working of this fake antivirus no more ask about downloader so it getting slowy the blogging so there is no choice about this

Do you remember what was this?Maybe transformers do alternative mode by Sun Rays SO Train removed discord server without to notify so almost 1 year from drama that is unknown so i also got a phone call from russian to complete a mail ru account over a email request so i change to sms module so i have to erase before is privacy on each other hand i cannot restore the old archives sorry!

Raf reveals his life and official blogger was dead make a video about fake antivirus research test

Simple site will allow me to post 3 50 minute video but in case of feature my youtube channel but we show a footage of a system adware scanner 2010 WHAT I THINK?Rafael blogger think so about his blog and alternative when i think fast.

When wallinside cannot fix my blog and other people blogger i think as Rafael to try soon to fix all my old stuff from 2014 but still i think where i can post right now so worried and close but testing a rare fake antivirus which is spyware

Rafael blogger 2014 unavailaible but release patchers and other fake antivirus reverse and cracking so i hopefully simplesite is fast depeding my browser

Live Protection Suite 2019 Page trojan page.This malware is often downloaded by disgusting sites exploits and romanian video cam chat sites.It provide a fake scanner and he is a new clone from Antivirus 10 (2016) and released hot payload such as fake microsoft windows 10 update and stealing the old rogue antivirus fakevimes website.Thanks to Andrew for sending the samples.

Virusheat reinstalled and reanalyzed after these moments is time for virusheat to infect the Windows 10 PRO

Home Security Solutions Malware

Home Security solutions looks like a legimate microsoft security essentials and is from the fakescanti and fakevimes family.
Home Security Solutions is a fake security software (rogue). It replaces: Best Antivirus Software, Advanced Antispyware Solution, Best Virus Protection, Antimalware PC Safety, Strong Malware Defender, Smart Anti-Malware Protection, Antivirus Smart Protection, Malware Protection Center, Internet Security Guard, System Protection Tools.
Home Security Solutions displays a lot of disturbing warning messages and other fakevimes payloads pushing users to purchase a license.
To register enter this serial code: U2FD-S2LA-H4KA-UEPB Thanks to Siri for the serial code

Fakevimes All payloads virus

The fakevimes also displays fake errors pop-ups and other type of error or alert.


Displays fake scanner

The malware masquerades as an antivirus scanner, and displays a number of windows, dialog boxes and system tray pop-ups by trying to convince you that you are infected. This appears to be an attempt to replicate the appearance of Microsoft Security Essentials. Earlier versions instead try to replicate the Windows Security Center. See the Additional information section below for images of these earlier versions.

New malware sample i found so is Spycrush 3.3 a clone of Spylocked and Spylocked including the main leader spywarequake.

Ultra Antivir 2009

This fakevime infected and display fake warnings into buy a naive product.

Rafael Rip-off the fakevimes and activates in a full version

A Little surprize after the login bug.I Was tested this virus and i dont know that Stan the dog with a blog removed that virus that pretent to scan and to be microsoft security essentials

Best Antimalware Malware-Bytes Protect my pc from system32 theft causing the fake antivirus

Spyware Preventer virus

Not all viruses infects you just ignore and quarantine.If i see i looked at pinkie pie and fakesecsen today.

Thanks for the 4000 Subscribers

Must watch guys and sorry for not posting.Ultra antivirus 2009 is a virus that has been initiazes from a fake scan website.

Important Rafael Blogger annuncement

My New Theme for this site

Today i will annuncement that i will change my all acount photos into malwarebytes and optimizes the social media channels and reveal my real name Alin Tecsan

Adagio Spysheriff and Malware

Red code this malware can attempt you with fake error like Your computer is infected too more liars atmy infected computer so i delete all data with photos effect bloggeres vlogs and very file

A inceput scoala in clasa a 7 b a inceput unul din clasele mari sper sa fac cunostitnta cu noile mele superputeri.

Burgdorf informat despre blogul meu

Un om pe nu gunche era foarte suparat pe blogul lui si pe viata lui Rafael si toti se cearta pentru amintirie din 2014 si nu mi vine sa cred toate postarile de blogger burgdorf a luat apararea bloggerului.Vizionati parodie favorites downfall parodies

Multi dintre not joaca cu tehnologia dar mini pc-ul meu arata de parca ar fi fost din 2014 dar nu conteaza

Cu toti ne pregatim de trupa scoala dar sa nu uitam sa remediem errorile astea stupide pe care le afiseaza windosul meu xp din 2014 mi s-a afisat o eroare cand am downloadat sau postat pe blogul meu raf with a blog blogger 2014 dar totul din 2014 se intoarce

Vedeti blogul lui Rafael astazi va voi spune ca amajuns in clash royal si va spun cat de campion o sa fiu eu dar mai postez si tragediile sper sa jucam si sa fum mai atractivi de jocuri decat de tragedii

Si Rafael va fi blogger voi posta astazi lucruri separate.

Dezlantuiti forta lui Raf si incepeti noi adventuri cu Stan si Raf

Vedeti blogul lu Rafael azi am inceput un alt blog

The powerfully deck on clash royale CR Rafael have musketer projectile modding and fireball and rocket ingluding freezing spell.

Difference on Raf and stan blog Raf's logo is on his blog as post.Stan's blog is such as show or parody or tv show and is bone on stan blog because is a dog. And my buttons is classic because is real

My blog theme is like stan blog and i maked posts and themes like stan.

Welcome to my third blogger site

Here i post in a blog like this see raf blog like stan dog with a blog and equestrian tribute gets downloaded off